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Women 2020 is designed to be the biggest and most inclusive women entrepreneurship summit organized by the ASEAN Business Advisory Council Philippines, in partnership with Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (or Go Negosyo). Women 2020 will aim to discuss the role and identity of women in the global business landscape, and how they can unleash their full potential for creating impact in the world, thereby producing sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all regions. The event is also included in the year-long celebration of the 15th anniversary of Go Negosyo.

"Majority of the 99.6% micro and small entrepreneurs are women. They are natural-born entrepreneurs. We are proud to honor their passion and perseverance that greatly contributed to the country's growth towards prosperity for all."

Joey Concepcion



A platform for ASEAN speakers to discuss opportunities for women to participate in economic activities, featuring conversations covering a diverse range of topics (such as beauty and wellness, agriculture, tourism, and digitalization/technology)


Recognition of exceptional ASEAN women entrepreneurs that have made specific impact on, and contributions to, the ASEAN economy


Recognition of exceptional ASEAN women entrepreneurs that have made specific impact on, and contributions to, the ASEAN economy


A simulcast of the summit to be aired in select regions across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, in order to provide learning opportunities as well for the provincial communities



The narrative of women in the global economy has changed over the years. In the past, women were viewed primarily as the maternal figure in the family; in other places, they were relegated to service-related roles (i.e. cooking, cleaning). In the present, however, women have climbed up the social ladder and taken on decisive roles in solving problems, generating income, and building social and physical infrastructures. The current challenge to some women is more than just breaking the glass ceiling set by society, or grabbing a seat in a boardroom dominated by males. The questions that women are asking now are, “What impact am I making on the world? How do I measure the impact I am creating? How do I know if the impact I am making is truly meaningful and relevant?” This keynote panel aims to feature the multifaceted woman and how she is making a meaningful and relevant impact on her society.


A legacy is a footprint left behind by a woman that has created an indelible impact on society. Whether it is a woman scientist discovering a cure for a disease, a woman author writing a novel that wins the hearts of the masses, or a politician successfully installed as the first woman executive, it is clear that women are capable of achievements that have changed the world. In the current generation, many women are telling stories through the work that they do, the ideas they share and the values they promote. And although the lives of people are being improved in the process, how can a woman tell a story that will stand out? More importantly, how can a woman create a legacy that will stand the test of time?


Whereas men are typically associated with strength and power, women are often praised for the beauty and grace that they bring into the world. Women create a distinct attractiveness that is expressed through fashion (the clothes they wear), health and wellness (the way they take care of their bodies), and art (the way they design and shape objects), among others. It is argued, however, that beauty is not just an external quality; it is an internal force that drives women to be creative and influential in their thoughts and actions. That said, what is the best way for women to define beauty? Has the definition of beauty evolved over time?


Agriculture is an area in which women have made significant contributions. From historic times until the present, the nurturing character of women has helped the sector to grow in entrepreneurial ways - such as using modern technology in planting food, in developing alternative financing for farmers, and increasing the access between the producer and the consumer. However, given that the world population is burgeoning, and the demand for food will only continue to increase, so will the importance of food sustainability. How can women help to produce food and crops that are sustainable? What ideas and solutions can be proposed?


The world has become more connected than ever, because in the present countries have opened themselves up to their neighbors, and embraced the idea of tourism as a viable means of promoting domestic cultures, locations and goods. In the current context, tourism is the #1 investment for Generation Z and millennials - travelling is not just an experience, it is an asset. Tourism is an inclusive sector that has often been championed by women; as such, women-led enterprises in this sector have helped to make tourism more accessible and sustainable. But as the world introduces more destinations and travel options available to the consumer, how do women navigate themselves successfully through this industry? What would next year’s destinations be like, if they were led by women?


It is the 21st century, and technology has exponentially changed the way society does things. With the advent of the Internet, the culture of digitalization and the 4th industrial revolution, the cities of the world have become smarter and faster in the way they learn, communicate and produce information. Women have adapted well to using technology in their everyday lives, and have even contributed to the creation of the “digital worker” - the new automated workforce of this age. And yet, human capital will become much smarter and faster still, as the world continues to innovate itself. How should women equip themselves to keep up with this pace? How will the woman entrepreneur become future-ready?

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Women 2020 | The biggest and most inclusive Women Entrepreneurship Summit

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